Shauneea Warden is the Caregiver Outreach Coordinator. She is responsible for building the business through quality of services for Caregiver Connection. She is a part of the team that provides direct support of caregivers and clients converting potential clients and supporting them, as they become satisfied customers. Also works collaboratively with other staff members of the JFCS Seniors and Marketing Department.

Shauneea has a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Information Management from the University of Pittsburgh. In her course of study, she has taken and completed Human Relations in Healthcare, Legal Aspects of Healthcare (which includes healthcare policies, HIPPA act and Release of Information), Quality Management, Data Analysis & Management, and Electronic Health Records. Shauneea also has an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Shauneea was on the Caregiver Connections Registry at JFCS as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant from 2012-2019, which helps her have a direct insight to the clients, wants, needs as well as understanding how to support the caregivers. She also has experience as a Benefits Verification Specialist as well as a Patient Information coordinator in which she has demonstrated excellent customer service to patients, healthcare professionals and insurance carriers to gather claim information such as verification of billed charges, confirmation of services received, and coordination of benefits and documented and abstracted important patient information. Shauneea has completed various projects that required methodologies to ensure consistency in what is being transmitted to the health information exchange by abstracting data from electronic, paper and hybrid records.