Get the best care for your loved one when it can’t be you

If you or a loved one is in need of help at home so that you can live independently, please contact Caregiver Connection, a licensed home care registry by JFCS Pittsburgh serving Allegheny County.

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Is it time for a Professional Caregiver?


Has the older adult in your life:

  • Had a fall or recent medical intervention?
  • Had difficulties with personal care?
  • Expressed loneliness or fear of being alone?
  • Needed more assistance with physical tasks?
  • Had surgery or an illness and needs special care to recuperate?
  • Moved to a different level of care?
  • Had issues with activities related to daily living like driving, laundry, cooking, etc?

What We Offer

Caregiver Connection is here to help you and your family find a qualified and reliable caregiver that meets your needs. Whether you need a caregiver as you recover from surgery or are looking for long term support – our caregivers are trained to support you.

While the caregiver works for you and is paid by you, becoming a client of Caregiver Connection ensures that you always have complete coverage when you need it by skilled caregivers who will make you and your wellbeing their top priority.

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Hourly Rate:

$1.85 per hour (1-8 hours of care)

Daily Rate:

9-12 hours: $15/day

+12 hours: $18/day

Monthly invoice will reflect the number of daily service hours requested


Negotiated between the client and caregiver

Do You Have Any Questions?


What can a caregiver do for me?
  • Meal preparation according to preferences and dietary needs (Kosher, low sodium, low sugar)
  • Grocery shopping and errand running — Caregivers can go on their own or escort you. Escort to medical appointments
  • Laundry
  • Light housework
  • Companionship
  • Personal Care (Bathing, shampooing hair, assistance with dressing). Remind to take medications and much more.
Who uses caregivers?
  • A person of any age recuperating from an illness or surgery
  • Someone who is serving as a caregiver for their significant other, but would like occasional respite from managing the challenges of special needs
  • Someone who would like to continue living at home but just needs help
When will the caregiver come?
  • One time a week or daily, depending on your needs
  • They’ll work for 4 hours or 24 hours — and anything in between
  • The caregiver will work morning, afternoons, evenings, or overnight
How do I know if this person is safe?
  • The Caregiver Connection screens and trains all caregivers
  • Each caregiver must be cleared by a doctor, have written letters of reference and have a yearly criminal background and child abuse check, competency test and 2-step Tuberculosis test. You can speak directly with the caregiver’s references

From Our Clients

“The Caregiver Connection has been a lifesaver…they are highly selective and choose very skilled and compassionate staff who genuinely seem to care about my mom.”

Connie Feller

Registered Nurse

“I appreciated the consistent commitment to providing quality care and the flexibility to adapt to the particular needs of my mother.


“We tried agencies and individual caregivers but the process was too cumbersome. Once we found Caregiver Connection we were very relieved. Not only did we have choices, CC did all the legwork like background checks.”

Peter Mars