Hiring a Caregiver

Considering Caregivers


  • Write a detailed job description that you can share with your caregiver. A description should Include all the tasks you will require, the hours and days of the job, and personal preferences with regard to driving and other transportation options. Examples of some tasks are bathing, dressing, companionship, social outings, meal preparation, and laundry.
  • Make a list of detailed questions you can ask the caregiver.
  • Decide how much you’re prepared to pay per hour, so you will be prepared to negotiate the hourly rate with the caregiver directly. Also, decide if you are going to pay a holiday rate or will be giving a raise after so many weeks, months, or years. Make it clear when and how you will be paying the caregiver. Make it clear who will be paying the caregiver and by what method you will be paying the caregiver. Our agency does not get involved with paying the caregiver nor negotiating the hourly rate.

Conducting an Interview


  • Conduct the initial interview by phone. Ask about work experience, hours of availability, driving experience and special training. Also feel free to ask for references before you meet the caregiver (we do check references at Caregiver Connections, but some clients prefer to speak to the references as well).
  • If possible, schedule a time to meet the caregiver face to face for an interview.
  • Describe to applicants you or your loved one’s needs, health concerns, likes and dislikes, Outline the duties you expect her to perform, such as personal tasks, household tasks, shopping errands, transportation, and personal business.
  • Ask questions that will help you determine if this person is a good match for the job and for your loved one.
  • Ask about her expectations of this position. Invite the caregiver to ask questions about the job and your expectations.
  • Be clear about paying a holiday rate if you will be offering a holiday rate. Make it clear when and how you will be paying the caregiver.
  • Give the caregiver a schedule of the hours that they will be needed.
  • Let the caregiver know how you would prefer they dress (hospital scrubs or street clothes).

If You Hire the Caregiver


  • Tell the caregiver who they should call if they need to call off or if they are running behind schedule. Also, the caregiver is always to notify Caregiver Connection as well, so we can find a replacement for them if needed.
  • Share all the information with the caregiver that you came up with when you thought about considering caregivers (see above).
  • Please notify the agency if you decide to hire the caregiver.
  • Keep track of all the hours the caregiver works, and report these hours to Caregiver Connection at the end of each month.
  • Ask the caregiver to keep a log or Progress Notes when they are working. This should include when the caregiver arrived and left the job, a basic description of what the caregiver did on the job, and any important issues that might have come up during the job. Caregiver Connection will provide you with a sample.




Hourly Rate:

$1.85 per hour (1-8 hours of care)

Daily Rate:

9-12 hours: $15/day

+12 hours: $18/day

Monthly invoice will reflect the number of daily service hours requested.


Negotiated between the client and caregiver

Hiring a Caregiver Resources

If You Hire the Caregiver

If You Hire the Caregiver

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Conducting an Interview

Conducting an Interview

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Considering Caregivers

Considering Caregivers

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